CMA has the best program for learning Martial Arts! My son is 10 years old and has tried or visited many schools, CMA is an excellent promoter of self confidence, and becoming a leader that helps those around you to become a better person, in addition to excellent teaching of self defense techniques. Other schools do not expect their students to learn self control, or respect for others. CMA teaches on the philosophy of planting a seed, and raising a blooming tree with a full life cycle, through the seasons. This is exactly how I want my son to learn self defense and to be a better person, who can accomplish goals that he sets his mind to.
- Colleen G.
CMA is a fantastic place for children and adults to learn self discipline, self respect, and perseverance in a fun, family-oriented environment. The owner and staff are highly skilled and yet friendly and yet approachable and sincerely want to see students excel.
- Glen T.
 Master Pattison is the finest instructor of ANY subject that I have ever seen. There are numerous karate instructors who have technical skills equal to his, but he is an exemplary teacher. He has the rare gift of bringing out the best in each student.

Many parents send him their children who lack confidence or are having trouble focusing. He is able to develop confidence in these students. Other people send their kids who are impulsive or have other behavior issues. He is able to help these children set boundaries and gain self-control. I recommend this studio highly. If you want your child to study with a person who is a good example and who is able to develop leadership skills in others, this is the place for you!
- Julie G.
All of the instructors are excellent in dealing with kids. My son has grown to be more self-confident and more respectful of others.
- Robert K.
 They focus on the whole person, not just the physical aspect (although they give a great workout!). A positive environment to develop one's many different strengths...
- Joanne L.

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