After School Enrichment Registration
Children learn traditional Korean Martial Arts building confidence, self-discipline, physical agility, and self-defense ability from a caring, positive, highly trained role model. They are taught that with learning martial arts comes the responsibility of knowing the appropriate times to practice and use it. We prepare students for the demands of school by providing a highly structured environment that is physically and mentally stimulating and tons of fun!

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Photo Release: During student and group gatherings and performances The Center for Martial Arts (CMA) reserves the right to record video or to take photographs of students for use in the CMA scrapbook, advertising materials, lesson demonstration and CMA owned websites. Video and photos taken by CMA OR that are shared with CMA by other parents of students of gatherings or performances become the property of CMA and can be used at the discretion of CMA. CMA follows online safety rules in this matter.
 Yes, I consent to CMA using videos and/or photos of my child.
 No, CMA may NOT use videos/photos of my child but I do want to register my child for class(es).