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Congratulations on being recommended by
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Tang Soo Do by The Center for Martial Arts.

This recommendation allows you to participate in the
Black Belt Classing held this year, testing for
promotion to the next Black Belt level.

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Terms and Conditions

By clicking on the “Next” button on this form, I submit this application for promotion within The Center for Martial Arts in agreement with the following terms and conditions of this
Black Belt Examination Agreement.

The Center for Martial Arts (hereafter known as CMA) hereby agrees to furnish a competent judge and adequate facility for the promotion examination. Upon passing the examination, CMA will issue the appropriate belt and rank certificate in agreement with the Chief Instructor's studio. I understand and agree that the promotion examination fee is non refundable under any circumstance.

Recognizing that the strenuous nature of this activity involves risk of injury, I agree to hold CMA studio location, where this promotion examination is being conducted, and CMA, its officers, testing examiners, guests, and members, free and harmless of any liability or damages for personal injuries sustained during said promotion examination.

I further agree that CMA can use any pictures taken of or by me in connection with said examination for publicity or promotion purposes without compensation, at this time or any other time. If I successfully complete the requirements for Black Belt membership, I hereby agree that I will not violate any of the following conditions of said membership:

  1. I will strictly adhere to the attendance requirements of CMA and participate in the number of classes, seminars, clinics, and other activities to enhance my mental, physical and spiritual health, and to protect the honor and dignity of the Art. If I ever become inactive for a period of more than six (6) months or if I ever become lackadaisical in my training after my promotion to Black Belt, I may be asked to re-test for my current rank.
  2. I am prohibited from using or executing any of the Art's techniques unless it reasonably appears necessary to defend myself, or another person, against an apparent threat of unlawful and immediate violence by another.
  3. I will not engage in the demonstration of the Art in any form whatsoever, nor under any circumstances without the express consent of my studio Chief Instructor.
  4. I will not engage in the instruction of the art of Tang Soo Do in any form whatsoever, nor under any circumstances without the express written permission of CMA or my studio Chief Instructor.
  5. I understand that CMA must strictly regulate the “location” of new member studios, clubs, schools, facilities, gymnasiums, halls, etc. in order to protect the privileges and rights duly accorded to every member studio, club, etc. Therefore, I hereby agree that CMA has the exclusive right to decide and regulate the location of new member studio, club, etc. that is opened or established within a twenty (20) mile radius from the location of any existing sanctioned studio, club, etc. that is a affiliated with CMA.
  6. I hereby agree that if I ever cease to be a member of CMA, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, I will not represent myself as a current member of CMA. I further agree to refrain from displaying or showing any certificate or identification card which contains CMA trademark and/or CMA logo, both of which are protected by U.S. Trademark, which would represent current membership.
  7. I understand and agree that at no time visitors, be they family or friends, may watch any of the workouts or classes deemed private by the Chief Instructor without prior consent by the Chief Instructor.
  8. In order to obtain any level of Master, rank member must be a member of a hands on Instructor Training Program that has been reviewed and approved by the CMA Senior Master.
  9. I understand and agree the Senior Master, on an annual basis, will review rank status.
  10. I understand that Black Belts and certificates will be issued based on time and grade and that it is up to the discretion of the Senior Master and CMA Masters of exact presentation time and location.
  11. I understand and agree that students are required to attend Black Belt classes one time per week or at least three times monthly.
  12. If I ever violate any of the aforementioned “Conditions” and/or rules and regulations of CMA, CMA and/or my studio, reserves the right to withdraw and revoke my membership and rank. Furthermore, I agree to pay all fair and reasonable liquidated damage to CMA as a result of violating the aforementioned.

    I have read and fully understand this agreement and furthermore, this agreement contains all the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties hereto, and no other agreements, oral or otherwise regarding the subject matter of this agreement shall be deemed to exist or to bind any of the parties hereto.

    Required  Participant OR Guardian (if participant is under 18 years of age)

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