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25 year anniversary

What you can expect from us:
  • Caring Positive Role Models
  • We Build Confidence & Self-Defense Ability
  • Over 30 Years Teaching Experience
  • Controlled Environment for Positive Learning

  • Increased Ability to Focus / Stay On-Task
  • Teaching in Encinitas and Del Mar Elementary Schools
  • Continuous Enrollment - All Levels
  • Clean, Air Conditioned Facilities

Tang Soo Do - Korean Karate & Self Defense

Tang Soo Do, Korean Karate, is the primary martial art taught at the Center for Martial Arts. Tang Soo Do, sometimes described as traditional Taekwondo, utilizes the natural turning and twisting of the body to empower kicks, punches and blocks while further developing an individuals mind, body, and spirit. The art incorporates these techniques into line drills, self-defense, forms, sparring, weapons, board breaking and more.

Perfectly complimenting the Tang Soo Do, or traditional Taekwondo, the Center for Martial Arts also teaches Hapki Do. In addition to the striking aspects, Hapki Do utilizes soft style techniques for self defense. Hapki Do allows the defender to move safely through joint manipulations, pressure points, redirection of force and take downs, further developing an understanding of body mechanics, balance and leverage.

With these two martial arts being taught together as one, the students learn to react and defend within the multiple ranges of self defense, easily transitioning from kicking to punching to grabs, throws and controlling an opponent.

Classes at the Center for Martial Arts will increase cardiovascular health while enhancing flexibility, toning and strengthening vital muscles and building coordination and body awareness. Along with the reality of these measurable physical effects, these martial arts classes have been known to provide the much needed stress relief, promote self-esteem, awareness and concentration that will empower individuals to achieve, not only in martial arts, but in life.

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